White Light Mode

The white mode of adjusting both the brightness and color temperature of the white light. you have the ability to customize the intensity of the white light to create the desired ambiance for your outdoor space. Additionally, you can easily modify the color temperature of the white light, allowing you to switch between warm and cool tones to suit your preference and create the perfect atmosphere.

Colorful Light Mode

With a wide range of colors to choose from, you can effortlessly create a captivating and mesmerizing outdoor lighting display that suits any occasion or mood. From warm and inviting hues to vibrant and energetic tones, the Tuya controller provides endless possibilities for transforming your outdoor space into a stunning visual spectacle.

Scene Selection Mode

You can easily select various lighting scenes to enhance the ambiance for any occasion. Whether you're hosting a cozy outdoor dinner party, setting up a romantic date night, or organizing a fun backyard gathering, the Tuya controller offers a range of scene lighting options to suit your needs. Simply choose the desired scene from the app, and watch as your outdoor space is transformed into a captivating and immersive environment, adding a touch of magic to your outdoor lighting experience.

Musical Rhythm

Receive and sync with the music played on your phone. With this feature, your outdoor string lights will dance and pulsate in rhythm with the music, creating a dynamic and immersive lighting experience. Whether you're hosting a party or simply enjoying a relaxing evening outdoors, the Tuya controller adds an extra layer of entertainment and excitement by synchronizing the lights to the beat of your favorite tunes. Just connect your smartphone to the controller, play your favorite music, and watch as the lights come alive, transforming your outdoor space into a vibrant and energetic atmosphere.

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