Looking for a DIY solution to finding the right set of string lights? We carry a wide variety of cord and bulb options, but not every possible combination is represented in our String Lights category.

If you already know some or all of what you're looking for, see the steps below or go directly to our Cords Only and Bulbs Only categories to make your selections to start building your own.

If you need some help figuring out what's the right string light for you, scroll further below for some guidelines to help you through the process of Choosing Your Cord and Choosing Your Bulbs!

Light String Sheathed Wire

Already know the cord style and length you'd like?

  1. Check the cord detailed description for the quantity of bulbs you need. Browse all our bulb options based on your socket size.
  2. Use the web navigation or site search to select preferences and narrow your choices.
  3. Add a number of bulbs equal to the number of sockets per cord to your cart.
String Light Bulb Installation

Already have a bulb picked out?

Note the socket size of your bulb: E12 、E14、E26/E27
Browse all our cord options based on your socket size .

waterproof rating

commercial grade

Our commercial grade cords are suitable for outdoor, year-round use and ideal for permanent installations. They are perfect for that high-end, professional look around patios, backyards, bars, restaurants, weddings, events, and more. Additional features of our commercial grade string lights include:

  • High quality PVC sockets form a snug, weather‐resistant seal around the bulb.
  • Heavier gauge wire (14- or 16-gauge depending on socket size).
  • Ability to safely have longer runs (total wattage allowed per cord).
  • Cord colors: black, white, and green.
  • Socket sizes: E27.

standard grade stringers

Our standard grade stringers still have a time and a place in the world of decorative string lights. Not every application calls for the heavier outdoor stringers. Below are some key points when deciding if our globe patio lights are perfect for your space:

  • Cost-effective.
  • Suitable for outdoor use but may not last as long.
  • Great for indoor lighting for events, holidays and room decor.
  • Good option for temporary lighting needs like smaller events or weddings.
  • Cord colors: black, white, and green.
  • Socket sizes:E12
G40 led bulb

Choosing Your Bulb

Should I go with LED or incandescent bulbs?

As if the wide variety of styles (or shapes) of bulbs available isn't enough, now many of those styles come in both LED and incandescent options. Some may choose based on aesthetics, whereas others may choose for efficiency. For dimmable bulb consideration, see that referenced below. If you're undecided, read through the key differences to help decide which is right for your space.

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Benefits of LED Bulbs

  • Efficiency — lower energy usage where a 1W LED bulb can replace an 11W incandescent.
  • Cost — although a higher upfront cost, over the long term you can save not having to replace them as often.
  • Durability — small LED bulbs are less fragile than an incandescent filament and stand up to vibrations better.
  • Material — LEDs are available in both glass and plastic options. Because of the heat produced with incandescent, plastic shells are not an option. For example, if you are lighting around pool decking or edging a structure where bulbs may come in contact in the wind, you'd want plastic bulbs options.
  • Safety — they produce very little heat so they are safe to touch or be safely near sensitive materials.
  • Color — LEDs have the technology to make the small LED bulbs emit a range colors versus having the glass dipped in color.


Benefits of Incandescent Bulbs

  • Cost — An inexpensive option, especially if you just need them for a one-time party.
  • Color — For some, nothing beats the traditional warm glow of incandescent.
  • Style — This mainly refers to the various unique filament styling in vintage bulbs that you can get with incandescent and hard to mimic in LED (see vintage notes below).

What bulb options do I have with the different base sizes?

If you already know which cord you're getting or perhaps already have, then first and foremost you'll want to match the bulb base size below with the socket size of your string light cord. If you're not sure which socket size you have, refer to our Light Bulb & Socket Guide.

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E27 / E26 bulbs

E27 / E26 bulbs

have the same base size as a standard household socket. As the name implies, they are paired with our E27/E26 base cords. Bulb highlights include:

  • Largest selection of LED and incandescent options.
  • Provide the brightest options among the three socket sizes (range from 7W to 60W equivalents).
  • Available in 11 bulb styles and sizes (see graphic below).
  • Clear, opaque white, frosted and nine colors available in incandescent. Warm white, cool white and five colors available in LED.
  • Glass (incandescent and LED) and plastic (LED only) options available.

E12 / E14 bulbs

E12 /E14 bulbs 

have a base size that's just over a half inch. As the name implies, they are paired with our E12 E14 Bulb. Bulb highlights include:

  • Wide selection of LED and incandescent options.
  • Brightness options range from 1W to 8W equivalents
  • Warm white, cool white and seven colors available in LED.
  • Several glass (incandescent and LED) and plastic (LED only) options available.

Are all bulbs dimmable?

This is a commonly asked question. The quick answer is all incandescent bulbs are dimmable, but not all LED bulbs are dimmable. As always, make sure your socket size of your cord and bulbs match.

Additionally if you have dimmable LED bulbs, be sure to use anLED-compatible dim merto prevent flicker or not working at all.

What vintage bulb options are available?

Many people refer to "vintage" as regular incandescent bulbs. We, however, refer to vintage bulbs that have the style and look of old Edison-style bulbs. Incandescent has more unique filaments options, whereas LED bulbs take on the vintage look by means of mimicking the filament to look like an incandescent. Vintage string lighting adds a touch of modern nostalgia to backyards, patios, events and more!

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Vintage incandescent bulbs

Vintage incandescent bulbs 

provide a wide variety of unique filament styles to get that warm glow and old world charm.

  • Brightness ranges from 1W to 25W depending on wire size.
  • Available in A60/G80/ST64/G80
  • Glass options only.

Vintage LED bulbs

Vintage LED bulbs 

step away from the various LED bulbs and instead use vertical style filament to mimic traditional "vintage" incandescent bulbs.

  • Brightness ranges from 1W to 15W depending on Wire size.
  • Available in many styles/sizes.
  • Glass and plastic options available.

Final note ...

This is a lot of information and sometimes it's easier to talk over ideas with someone. Feel free to give us a call any time during our customer service hours (Mon-Fri 10-3 CST), and we'd be happy to answer all your questions and help you get the perfect lights for your space.