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110V 220V Dimmable E27 LED Filament Bulb S14 Globe Shape

110V 220V Dimmable E27 LED Filament Bulb S14 Globe Shape

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Energy Efficient LED Technology

Enjoy the benefits of advanced LED technology with significant energy savings. This bulb provides the same brightness as traditional incandescent bulbs but uses a fraction of the energy, helping you reduce your electricity bills.

Easy Replacement with E27/E26 Base

Designed with a standard E27/E26 base, this LED filament bulb is a direct replacement for most household and commercial light fixtures. Simply screw it in and enjoy instant illumination.

Shatter-Resistant Plastic Cover

The durable plastic cover enhances the shatter-resistance of the bulb, making it ideal for both indoor and outdoor use. No need to worry about broken glass in case of accidental drops or impacts.

Warm 2700K Light for a Cozy Atmosphere

Emit a warm 2700K light that creates a cozy and inviting ambiance. Perfect for holidays, gatherings, or any setting where you want to promote a warm, welcoming feel.

Dimmable with Compatible LED Dimmers

This bulb is fully dimmable when used with compatible LED dimmers, allowing you to adjust the brightness to suit any mood or occasion. Create the perfect lighting atmosphere with ease.


【Outdoor Lighting】: Perfect for patios, gardens, and outdoor events due to its shatter-resistant plastic cover and durability.
【Indoor Home Lighting】: Ideal for living rooms, bedrooms, and dining areas, providing warm, cozy lighting.
【Commercial Spaces】: Suitable for cafes, restaurants, and retail stores, enhancing the ambiance and creating an inviting atmosphere.
【Holiday and Festive Decorations】: Great for string lights, decorative fixtures, and holiday displays, offering a warm 2700K glow that adds to the festive spirit.
【Hospitality Industry】: Used in hotels, inns, and guest houses to create a comfortable and pleasant environment for guests.
【Pendant and Chandelier Fixtures】: Enhances the look of pendant lights and chandeliers with its classic globe shape and vintage filament design.
【Task Lighting】: Suitable for desk lamps and reading lights, providing adjustable brightness for various tasks.
【Porch and Entryway Lighting】: Ensures a welcoming entrance to homes and buildings with reliable, warm illumination.
【Event and Party Lighting】: Adds a charming touch to weddings, parties, and special events with its aesthetic appeal and dimmable feature.
【Retail Display Lighting】: Highlights products in display cases and shelves, enhancing their visual appeal with clear, warm lighting.

Package List

Package Size:5*5*9cm
Package Weight: 10g


Our product has a one-year warranty. If there are any non human caused product issues during normal use, we will replace them for free within one year.

Shipping & Returns

We will ship the order within 72 hours after receiving it, except for pre ordered products. The stocking time does not include non working days, and the transportation time is 5-45 days. It depends on the country and transportation method. Generally, the standard logistics transportation time is 15-45 days, while the transportation time for international express delivery is 5-12 days.
We support returns within 15 days without any reason. If there is a quality issue with the product, we will bear all costs. If you place an order for the wrong product or it is no longer needed, you only need to bear the return shipping cost. After we receive the goods and confirm that they are not damaged,

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The Product Q&A

Is this LED bulb dimmable?

Yes, this bulb is dimmable and can be used with compatible LED dimmers to adjust the brightness according to your preference.

Is the bulb suitable for outdoor use?

Yes, the shatter-resistant plastic cover makes this bulb durable and safe for outdoor use.

Can this bulb be used in enclosed fixtures?

While this bulb can be used in many types of fixtures, it is recommended to ensure proper ventilation in enclosed fixtures to prevent overheating and extend the bulb's lifespan.

Is this bulb environmentally friendly?

Yes, this LED bulb is eco-friendly as it consumes less energy and does not contain harmful substances like mercury, commonly found in traditional bulbs.

Scene Effects

Product Parameters

Item Type: S14 LED Bulbs
Bulbs matericl: PC
Wattage : 1W、2W
Emitting Color: Warm White
LED: Filament
Voltage: 110V、220V
Cap type: E26 / E27
Dimmable: yes

Product Size

Please note that there may be a deviation of 1%-10% in the provided dimensions. If you have strict requirements regarding the dimensions, we recommend contacting our customer service to confirm.

E27 led bulb


E27 Base

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